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HENSCHEL Platform Bodies

Aluminium platform bodies in a lightweight structure as an alternative to standard OEM steel platforms

HENSCHEL aluminium platform bodies are suitable for light commercial vehicles

with a gross vehicle weight of up to 7.5 t.

Depending on the body type, HENSCHEL aluminium platform bodies are lighter than the conventional steel bodies by up to 30%. For example, the 2.00 m-long platform body weighs only 140 kg.


If requested, the platform body length can be ordered in bespoke lengths, in 100 mm intervals.


Gross vehicle weight



Side boards



Locking system

up to 7.5 t

up to 6200 mm

up to 2230 mm

thickness 25 mm, height 400 mm

anodised aluminium

plywood (15, 18 or 27 mm)

Kinnegrip T50


› The substructure is made out of 100% aluminium. Its low tare weight increases the carrying capacity of the vehicle, and thus gains 30% advantage over conventional platform bodies in this respect.

All components are bolted, not welded. This makes them less susceptible to corrosion.

All visible components are anodised.

› Consoles bolted to the subframe are factory-integrated with the platform body and prepared to the specific dimensions – this ensures the quick and easy installation of the body on the vehicle.


› Side boards with anodised aluminium profiles are lightweight and corrosion resistant. The standard height of the side board is 400 mm.

The integrated locks (Kinnegrip™ T50) are made out of aluminium and plastic. They are particularly simple and easy to use.

The locking lever opens completely upwards. It does not protrude from the board and thus it doesn’t present a risk of injury.

In the closed position, levers are completely hidden in the side profile of the board.

The rear board is equipped with a folding step with a safety lock to easily get on and off the loading area.

The lashing rings (according to DIN 75410-1 / EN 12640 – for securing the load in compliance with regulations) are embedded in the floor.

› The side boards can be easily removed without tools.


› Due to its top coating, the multi-laminated plywood with a screen-printed surface is particularly durable, abrasion-resistant and non-slip.

As it is bolted, the floor can be replaced when necessary.

Environmentally-friendly production with a certified environmental management system – 100% of the trees come from FSC-certified resources.

› The edges are impregnated along the entire perimeter. This ensures a longer working life.

Of course, we also supply hardware: for example, bulkhead-gantry, tail gantry rack and fenders.

We are at your service and happy to answer your questions personally.


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